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About Us

1. Vision Statement: To be a welcoming, accepting and inclusive community, guided by the Spirit to live as Disciples of Christ on our faith journey.
2. Mission Statement: By learning and walking the Way of Christ together, we make a difference.
3. Values Statement: The fundamental value for St. Andrew’s United Church is LOVE; flowing from this are our core values:
 - Diversity and Caring in Family and Community: We know that the basis of sound relationships is respect for diversity and the caring we demonstrate for others. As Disciples    of Christ we live this message of love for one another. 
 - Generosity Motivated by Faith: Giving generously requires faith and keeps us spiritually alive. Through our willingness to share the treasures, the talents, and the time    God has entrusted to us, we can make a difference. 
 - Open and Respectful Dialogue: Welcoming diverse and varied opinions about theology, church ministry, social values, and many other dimensions make for a rich and meaningful    church environment. In these opportunities for exchange and sharing we come with an openness to others’ views, listening carefully and respectfully, to learn together and    value the solutions and understandings that we arrive at together – in Jesus name    
 - Outreach and Mission: Our love finds expression through acknowledging the dignity of others, opening the possibilities for God’s presence to be celebrated, and creating    spaces where people may grow and empowerment may happen. We seek to serve in such a way that we are able to empathize with others and yet respect boundaries between us.    Following Jesus’ example, we are called to love one another and offer them hope for the future. 
 - Peace and Justice for All: We purposely seek peace and justice for all, and commit ourselves to work together as a community and alongside others in the wider community, to    create it in the world. 
 - Spiritual Growth: Spiritual growth is an on-going discovery of God’s surprising presence through naming and celebrating our experiences of the image of God in us and in    others, and the love of God being brought to life in all of us.  
 - Worship Celebrated through Prayer, Scripture and Music: Worship is the place where we give thanks for the gift of life that has been breathed into us, and where we slow    down enough, quiet ourselves enough, and begin to listen closely enough, so that we can become aware again of God’s call to us in Christ to the Way of abundant life – a    life that is full, and just and loving.    These are the activities, the truths, the directions, and the qualities that we appreciate, respect, esteem, set great store by,    and attach importance to. They shape and guide our life together, each one adding its own unique and rich flavor to who we are as a community  
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